If a patient does not have enough tissue to support dentures, implants can be placed and an overdenture using a bar attachment can be made. An overdenture is much more stable than a conventional complete denture, so the patient can function better for chewing and speaking, and it is also more comfortable. If the patient has enough bone tissue to receive more implants, usually eight to ten per arch, it is possible to make all the fixed crown and bridge.

On the day the work was completed, this sixty year old man had corn on-the-cob for the first time in twenty years. He was so happy he cried. His life has changed much for the better, dating and eating out.

Another example of a bar attachment implant with an overdenture for a very stable prosthesis and much improved quality of life.

An 18 year old girl had congenitally missing teeth and cleft palate. A maxillofacial prosthesis with removable crown and bridge was made for her.