Dental implants are a great solution for many a missing tooth problem, but they aren’t the answer for every patient. If you have missing teeth that make you feel self-conscious when you eat, talk, or smile or you already have dentures and they are uncomfortable and difficult to manage, you may be a good candidate for dental implants.

Here’s what you need to know about this dental procedure to decide if it’s right for you.

Who’s a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into your jawbone. A prosthetic (artificial tooth) is then placed on top to act and look like your natural teeth. In order for this process to be successful, the patient needs to be in good oral and general health.

If you’re considering dental implants, your dentist will determine whether you are a good candidate by looking at your gums first. A good candidate has healthy gums free of periodontal disease and he or she practices a daily oral hygiene routine. Regular visits for cleanings and checkups are also a must.

When you have one or more missing teeth, dental implants may be a great solution to help you regain a beautiful smile and your self-confidence. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for the dental implant procedure, however, so it’s important you speak with your dentist about the options available to you.

Remember, the perfect dental implant patient has healthy gums and good oral hygiene. If you fall into this category and would like to move forward with this life-changing procedure and you live in the South Bay area, contact Dr. Hong with the California Dental Specialty Group (CDSG). The CDSG specializes in helping people look and feel good through a wide range of advanced dental services.


Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, and thanks to modern technology, today’s dental materials, and advanced techniques can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Dr. Hong, a prosthodontist at the California Dental Specialty Group, provides Cosmetic dentistry Sunnyvale services for residents in Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas. If you’re unhappy with the alignment, color or contour of your teeth, the dental professionals at the CDSG can fix these imperfections using such techniques as crowns, bonding, and veneers.

Cosmetic Dentistry Gives Sunnyvale Residents Something to Smile About

If your smile isn’t what you feel it should be but have thought there was little you could do about it, it’s time to contact the California Dental Specialty Group to discuss your options.

A less than perfect smile is something many people feel self-conscious about, which can make life hard. For Sunnyvale folks, however, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Dr. Hong and the other expert dental professionals at the CDSG can give you a smile you won’t want to hide any longer.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Cosmetic Dentistry for a Better Quality of Life

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can greatly improve your self-image, and thusly, give you a better quality of life. Some of the most common cosmetic dentistry techniques used at the CDSG include placing ceramic crowns on teeth, attaching veneers to teeth to conceal imperfections, bonding tooth surfaces to change shape or close gaps, and bleaching teeth to get rid of stains and brighten their appearance.

If your teeth aren’t what you think they should be, give the California Dental Specialty Group a call at (408) 749-9888 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Hong takes great pride in helping you look and feel better about yourself with a dazzling smile.


Have you been ignoring a problematic tooth hoping it would simply go away? Maybe your smile isn’t as perfect as you’d like it to be. Perhaps you have an event coming up and you’d like to brighten those pearly whites a shade or two. Whatever the reason, the California Dental Specialty Group (CDSG), a dentist in Sunnyvale, CA, can help.

The Best Dental Care in the San Jose/Santa Clara County Area

The California Dental Specialty Group is comprised of a team of highly trained and experienced dental professionals and staff who provide the best possible care for all their patients and all types of dental conditions.

Having such a varied team of dental specialists allows the California Dental Specialty Group to provide a wide range of services under one roof and often without the need to schedule multiple visits.

Services Provided by Your Sunnyvale, CA Dentist

Because the Dental Specialty Group employs such a large team of dental professionals, they can provide many services in their convenient location. From general dentistry such as fillings to dental surgery, the dental specialists at the California Dental Specialty Group can address all your dental needs. Here is a list of all the services the CDSG offers.

  • Dental hygiene
  • General dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Smile improvement
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dentures
  • Crowns and Bridges

Same-day Dentistry in Sunnyvale, CA

The California Dental Specialty Group uses the latest dental technology to make your life more convenient. In the past, some procedures took multiple visits in the dentist’s chair to complete. Today’s advanced technology, however, makes it possible to get procedures such as crowns done in a single visit. Called CEREC, the CDSG is proud to offer this same-day dentistry to make your life easier.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with a Sunnyvale dentist, call (408) 749-9888.


When your teeth are crooked, broken, or discolored, it can really put a damper on your self-confidence. Sometimes the embarrassment is so great that a person will cover his or her mouth when smiling or even stay home to avoid exposing imperfect teeth.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many people have less-than-perfect teeth, but with today’s dental technology, it’s possible to correct many of the problems related to discolored, misshapen, and misaligned teeth. Be sure to ask your Sunnyvale dental professional about the cosmetic dentistry options listed below.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are very thin shells of porcelain or resin that fit over the front of your natural teeth to rectify color, size, shape, or length issues. Dental veneers are custom-made and permanently cemented to your teeth. It may take more than one office visit to complete the dental veneer procedure.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Dental Bonding

As far as cosmetic dentistry goes, dental bonding is very common. This technique corrects problems like cracked or broken teeth as well as decayed and misshapen ones too.

The bonding process involves applying a tooth-colored resin to the surface of the existing tooth. The dentist uses an ultraviolet light to harden the material and then shapes and polishes it, so it matches the rest of the teeth. Bonding can usually be done in a single office visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Crowns

Crowns are a very common technique used to correct decay and other types of tooth damage. As the name suggests, a dental crown sits atop an existing tooth and restores strength and integrity to an otherwise weakened tooth. Also called a cap, crowns can be made of metal, resin, ceramic, or porcelain fused to metal. And CEREC crowns can even be completed the same day.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Sunnyvale

When people think of cosmetic dentistry, they may think these procedures are too expensive. While most are not covered by insurance, the California Dental Specialty Group (CDSG) provides affordable cosmetic dentistry for patients from Sunnyvale and the surrounding areas. There’s no reason to put off getting your teeth fixed any longer.

Thanks to advances in dental technology and the affordability of services offered by CDSG, you can finally have the smile you’ve always wanted. Through cosmetic dentistry procedures like veneers, crowns, and bonding, it’s possible to change the color, shape, size, and alignment of your imperfect teeth and be able to smile confidently again.

Call the California Dental Specialty Group today to discover the beautiful smile you knew was there all along.


Dental implants are a great option for anyone who is missing teeth and can’t or won’t wear dentures. Dental implant surgery requires several months of healing time as your body works to build strong bone growth over the screws/pins used to secure the new teeth.

If you’re considering dental implants and want to learn more, this guide will take you through the procedure and what you can expect at each stage. Dental implants aren’t for everyone as there are specific criteria to meet in order to be a good candidate. Keep reading to find out if this dental procedure is right for you.


What are Dental Implants and Why Are They Used?

Dental implants are artificial teeth that are secured to the jawbone using metal screws/pins. Once healed after implant surgery, the new teeth are secure, looking and acting just like real teeth. Since dentures and bridgework often fit poorly, dental implants offer a solid alternative, especially if there aren’t enough natural teeth roots in which to build dentures or bridgework upon.

Dental implant surgery may be right for you if:

  • Your jawbone is fully grown
  • You have missing teeth
  • You have enough bone to secure the implants to or can have a bone graft
  • You have a healthy mouth
  • You don’t have any conditions that may impede healing
  • You can’t or won’t wear dentures
  • You want to improve speech
  • You are willing/able to commit to months of healing


What are the Risks Associated with Dental Implants?

As with any surgery, dental implant surgery poses certain risks. Risk factors are low, and if they do occur, are often minor.

  • Infection at the surgery site
  • Injury to surrounding blood vessels or teeth
  • Nerve damage causing tingling, pain, or numbness in surrounding teeth, gums, chin, or lips
  • Sinus problems with upper jaw placement


What Steps are Involved in Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is usually a multi-step process that takes several months to complete. Most of that time is spent healing and waiting for the bone to grow around the implant. While some of the steps may be combined, you can expect to go through the steps outlined below.

  • Removal of damaged teeth
  • Jawbone prep/bone graft – Your jawbone may be too soft or not thick enough to support a dental implant. Natural bone grafts from other parts of your body or synthetic bone grafts are used to build up the jawbone.
  • Placement of the dental implant – the surgeon cuts the gum where the implant will be and drills holes into the bone to place the screw-like pins that will eventually hold the abutment.
  • Healing and bone growth
  • Placement of the abutment – The abutment is the part of the implant that holds the artificial tooth/crown. This is sometimes attached at the same time as the implant placement, but if not, it’s a separate surgical procedure.
  • Placement of the artificial tooth – Once your implant is healed and deemed strong enough to withstand use, you will choose the type of crown or artificial tooth you want. This crown can be removable or fixed and your implant doctor can help you decide.



What to Expect After Dental Implant Surgery

Whether your dental implant surgery is done in one step or several, you can expect some level of discomfort. These discomforts may be mild to severe and may include:

  • Swelling of the gums and face
  • Pain at the surgery site
  • Bruising of the surrounding tissues
  • Minor bleeding

If swelling or bleeding is severe or your pain becomes too much to bear, call your oral surgeon immediately.

Depending on your doctor and your specific situation, your doctor may prescribe pain medication and/or antibiotics for you to take after surgery. You will likely have sutures at the surgery site. Most surgeons use sutures that dissolve on their own, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll need to go back in to have them removed.


What are the Final Results of Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery is successful for most people. Sometimes, however, jawbone fails to fuse properly around the implant. When this happens, the surgeon removes the implant, cleans up the area, and waits for it to heal. You may try the implant surgery again in a few months.

You can help increase the success of your dental implant surgery and help your implants last longer by:

  • Keeping your mouth clean – Brushing and flossing as recommended and using the proper tooth care tools can help your implants last for a long time.
  • Schedule regular appointments with your dentist – Get regular checkups and cleanings
  • Avoid damaging behaviors – Don’t eat hard foods such as ice or hard candy and stay away from tooth-staining habits like smoking and coffee-drinking. If you grind your teeth, get treatment to stop it.


Where to go for Dental Implants in the South Bay

California is a state full of beautiful people, but if you hide your smile because of missing teeth or because your dentures slip, dental implants might be right for you. Regain your confidence and smile big once again by calling Dr. Hong at the California Dental Specialty Group (CDSG).

At CDSG, we understand how important having beautiful teeth is to you. Whether you’ve lost a tooth, had teeth removed, or a tooth never grew in, we can fill that empty space with a natural looking and functioning dental implant you can be proud to show off. Simply give us a call at (408) 749-9888 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hong, a highly-trained implant dentist. With our help and your dedication, we will build you a smile you won’t want to hide anymore.