The power of a good smile is legendary. Having broken, missing, or damaged teeth can be a huge hit to your confidence, and even hold you back in your career. Dental implants are the closest thing you will find to a real replacement tooth, instead of aesthetic work built over your existing damaged tooth, and can be a great, confidence-boosting alternative to bridges or dentures. Let’s take a closer look.

How dental implants work

Dental implants come in two parts, although you will not handle the pieces after installation. One is a fake tooth designed especially for your mouth, with a screw-like bottom. The other part, the socket for the tooth, must be installed into your gums. This means you need healthy enough gums and jawbones to stabilize the tooth.

If you can take a dental implant, however, it offers greater speech, comfort, and appearance than other dental aesthetic repairs. It’s easier to eat and take care of your teeth than with dentures, and offers a self-esteem boost for many people as they feel, act, and look just like ‘real’ teeth. You can even keep them a secret from others, who won’t know that you have them. With the right care, your implants could last a lifetime.

Financing implants

Unfortunately, most dental implants are not covered under insurance, which always shy away from covering aesthetic procedures. This means the cost can be a little prohibitive for many people. It’s always worth talking to your dentist to see if they offer any kind of pay-off or loan scheme to help you afford procedures that are not covered by insurance.

Dental implants offer a new technology that can help you feel more comfortable with the aesthetic restoration work you need doing on your mouth. As a new technology, it can be a more expensive option, but many people find the trade-off in looks and convenience worth paying for. Additionally, unlike crowns and bridges, there’s a good chance that your implants will last and look good for many decades.

For now, dental implants remain the closest we can get to ‘regrown teeth’, offering a versatile way to restore smiles and confidence alike.

Everyone likes to have a pretty smile, but not all of us are born with good teeth. Dental crowns are one of the most affordable aesthetic procedures available for your teeth, and CEREC crowns, a new crown technology, are taking the dental world by storm. Let’s take a look.

What are dental crowns?

A traditional dental crown is a small toothlike ‘cap’ that is placed over a fully stabilized and treated tooth. It hides a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth, and can also help preserve more of the natural tooth by protecting it. They’re made of a variety of materials, but must be custom-made for your mouth and can take up to two weeks before installation, which is a bit tricky if you have a business image to maintain.

How are CEREC crowns different?

CEREC crowns, also called same-day crowns, use computer-aided design programs to capture the shape of the tooth (instead of traditional molding) and allow a crown to be created for you right in the dental office. Think of it as a type of 3D printing.

This means it can be installed there and then, and there’s no lengthy weight. As the CEREC crown doesn’t have a metal core, it can also look more natural. There’s also some preliminary data that suggests they’re stronger over time, although it’s still a new technology.

This fact is one of the only downsides to CEREC crowns over normal dental crowns. Not all dental offices are able to offer them, as the tech is new and not everyone is trained in them, meaning they can also be a little bit pricier than standard crowns.

All the same, if you have the option to get a ‘chairside’ CEREC crown installed, it’s well worth considering as a fast and effective way to brighten your smile and boost your confidence.