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All About Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option for anyone who is missing teeth and can’t or won’t wear dentures. Dental implant surgery requires several months of healing time as your body works to build strong bone growth over the screws/pins used to secure the new teeth. If you’re considering dental implants and want to learn more, […]

Case #1

Old amalgam filling on 1st molar was replaced with ceramic crown (Cerec). It took only 1 hour. The Cerec crown is strong, more esthetic, and it is 100% natural material.

Case #2

Gingival tissue and upper 4 front teeth were adjusted esthetically. Front 4 teeth were restored with ceramic crowns (Cerec).

Case #3

Patient fell down and the upper 3 teeth were damaged. Two teeth were restored the same day with ceramic crowns (Cerec). One tooth was restored with resin. The photo was taken after 3 weeks.

Case #4

We placed 7 implants and made a fixed prosthesis. This hybrid bridge is very stable and esthetic.

Case #5

Patient had a bicycle accident. The fractured teeth were restored in one visit, using the CAD/CAM Cerec technique. He could go back to work the same day.

Case #6

A 32 year old woman lost her upper left lateral incisor and canine because of trauma. One Branemank implant was placed in the canine area. A fixed crown and bridge were made with a non-ridged connector with the natural tooth.

Case #7

A 43 year old woman lost her right lateral incisor because of a fracture. After six months healing and tissue remodeling with a temporary crown, a permanent porcelain crown was made using one single implant.

Case #8

A 58 year old woman lost her upper left four teeth because of periodontal disease. A temporary partial denture was placed immediately after the extractions. After four months, three implants were placed. After eleven months, a four unit porcelain fixed crown and bridge were made for her.

Case #9

A 55 year old man lost two upper anterior teeth because of periodontal disease. Two single tooth-replacement implant crowns were made for him. Because they are not connected together he can floss between each tooth.