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The California Dental Specialty Group provides complete Prosthodontic services, including dentures, dental bridges and crowns, and tooth replacement, as a part of the extensive dental specialty services that we offer to our patients. Dr. Sung Hong is a highly experienced and board certified Prosthodontist.

Replacing Lost Teeth

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons including decay, gum disease, injury, medical and congenital problems, and even wear. The inability to enjoy certain foods and feeling self-conscious when you smile may cause a loss of self-esteem. Prosthodontists,are experts in recreating nature’s balance, understand that missing teeth have an immediate impact on a person’s quality of life.

As the American Dental Association recognized specialist in tooth replacement and restoration, a prosthodontist such as Dr. Hong can recommend and provide the best treatment available including:


With the improvements in dental implants and other techniques in recent years, dentures are not as common as they once were. However, they can still be very effective for many people. Dr. Hong specializes in providing high quality new or replacement dentures for you. The success of dentures depends on the denture being well designed, having a suitable fit and following the advice of your dentist.

Denture wearers gain confidence about how their dentures look and feel as they adjust to them over time. They usually learn to speak and eat more confidently than ever before. With a good daily cleaning routine and regular visits to the dentist, dentures can help you lead a healthy and natural lifestyle. Of course, even with the best of care, it may be necessary to have dentures remade after a number of years. This is because the bony ridge in the mouth that dentures rest on goes through natural changes over time, causing dentures to fit improperly. Whenever you sense any change in the way your dentures work or feel, your dentist can tell you if it’s time for new dentures or if a relining or adjustment is needed.

Integrating natural-looking replacement materials with the patient’s original facial structure into a comfortable and pleasing appearance is our goal.