You’ve been urged since childhood to make an annual appointment with your dentist. But other than providing you with a few weeks of desperate flossing and guilt, does this annual visit actually serve a purpose? We turned to a trusted dentist in Sunnyvale, CA, to ask more about your annual checkup and why it matters

Prevention is better than cure

Most of us only pay attention to our teeth or gums when they hurt, so it’s easy to miss the many tell-tale signs of coming trouble. Your dentist, however, is a trained pro and knows exactly what to look for. When you find dental problems early, you can act to head off damage before it gets too bad. You may even be able to reverse the issue altogether! While good brushing habits day-to-day are the secret to great dental health, preventative check-ups prevent little problems from becoming big ones.

Deep cleans count

Did you know that the deep clean your dentist does in your annual checkup isn’t just for show? No matter how diligent you are with your daily oral health routine, over time a hard coating called plaque builds up on the teeth. This plaque eventually erodes your tooth enamel, leading to cavities, and there’s not much regular brushing can do to remove it. It only slows its formation. Your annual deep clean ‘resets’ the teeth and removes plaque you may have missed.

Help and education

Brushing your teeth is simple, but the mouth itself is a complex and fascinating part of the body. When you make a habit of visiting your dentist, you not only learn more about your specific mouth and any challenges you have, but also about your care options. Issues like misaligned teeth or impacted wisdom teeth don’t have to be suffered through. You can explore your options with your dentist, and proactively stay on top of both cosmetic and mechanical dental issues.

Your annual dental checkup is a vital part of your overall health. Remember, your dental practitioner wants you to have a happy, healthy mouth and a smile you’re proud of. And if you happen to be looking for a dentist in Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale Dental Speciality is always happy to hear from new patients.