The Benefits of Dental implants


The California Dental Specialty Group has done dental implants in Sunnyvale for decades. Many happy patients will vouch for the benefits of dental implants of which there are many.

Why Dental Implants?

Every year thousands of people lose their teeth to periodontal disease, injury, or decay. Dental implants take the place of roots so that dentists can attach a crown to the tooth and restore your smile. Here are the benefits of dental implants.

• Better looking teeth – dental implants are just like your own teeth. They look the same. They feel the same and they are permanent. Because dental implants look like your own teeth, you will soon be proud of your smile boosting your self-confidence.

• Enhanced comfort – dentures are not always comfortable. Yet, with dental implants, it feels like you have a full set of teeth. This makes eating so much easier and more comfortable.
• Permanent placement – for many people the need to remove dentures is a source of embarrassment. Dental implants remain permanently in place. No need for an adhesive.
• Long-lasting durability – look after your dental implants and they could last a lifetime. By comparison, you can expect a bridge to last ten years.
• Enhanced dental health – bridges are attached to other teeth which must be crowned in preparation for this function. Dental implants don’t affect any remaining teeth. They also make it easier to access all teeth so that you can floss properly.
• Dental implants stop bone loss – Missing teeth will result in bone loss over time. This will affect the facial structure and jaw function over time. Implants prevent bone shrinkage, ensuring good form and function for life.
• Dental implants keep other teeth in place – whenever a tooth is removed the other teeth will move and can become misaligned. Dental implants prevent this from happening.
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